Monthly Archives: February 2009

LINQ to SQL Data context class features and properties

LINQ-to-SQL is a new programming model for data access layer in managed .net environment. you may also consider it as another ORM tool if you want to.LINQ-to-SQL is a LINQ-based framework that allows users to query database using object model build using designer tools available in visual studio 2008 or using command line tool called… Read More »

UI Design Patterns: Model View Presenter(MVP) pattern and Model View Controller(MVC) pattern

Introduction to UI Design Patterns: UI design patterns isolates business logic from user interface considerations, resulting in an application where it is easier to modify either the visual appearance of the application or the underlying business rules without affecting the other. There are a number of frameworks in use today that are based on these… Read More »

WCF Throttling Behaviors and concurrency modes

I am working in a team which is responsible for creating & maintaining enterprise WCF services which are consumed by different clients in an intranet environment. We built well architected WCF services and tested them using our own web client. Everything looked pretty for a while. We threw open the services for enterprise wide intranet… Read More »

WCF 3.5 Message Contracts

From practical usage stand point, I’ve rarely used WCF Message Contracts. My work a lot of time revolved around Data Contracts and Service Contracts. I feel using Message Contracts are limited in their usage except for passing around few custom headers. But, they might be of great help for other folks around. so, let’s see… Read More »

Windows Commuication Foundation(WCF) Data Contract serialization techniques

WCF 3.5 supports two types of serialization techniques. DataContractSerializer XmlSerializer DataContractSerializer Vs XMLSerializer In contrast to predecessor XmlSerializer, DataContractSerializer serializes only members declared explicitly using DataMember attribute. XmlSerializer serializes all members of data contract except for members declared explicitly using NotSerialized attribute. WCF Serialization Caveats: .Net Built-in collection types and custom collections implementing IEnumerable or… Read More »

WCF Data contracts

Before we understand Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Data contracts, let’s first set the context of data representation and various forms of it. Dimensions of information exchange is changed drastically these days. Ok, when two parties communicate or exchange data electronically, how do they manage communication? They usually define common protocols, standards or agreements over data… Read More »

Useful Visual Studio 2008 keyboard shortcuts

Guys, Do you regularly or occasionally use keyboard shortcuts while writing programs esp. when formatting, invoking menu options, invoking different windows and explorers in Visual Studio. If you say yes, then I can say definitely you’re a productive guy. If you rarely use keyboard shortcuts, then I can say your productivity suffers!! Time to wake… Read More »

Changing Authentication mode in SQL Server 2005

SQL Server authentication mode is usually configured during SQL Server installation. By default, Windows Authentication mode is configured. Ok, What if we want to override the mode configured during installation. As you may know, SQL Server 2000/2005 supports three authentication modes: 1) Windows Authentication Mode2) SQL Authentication Mode3) Mixed Mode Authentication (SQL/Windows) Here’re following steps… Read More »