Reputed US universities offering Online Masters degree for Working Professionals (Distance Learning Program)

By | October 5, 2009
Following list of US Universities offering Online Software Engineering/Computer science Master Degree program for Working IT professionals in software industry looking for Career Advancements / improving particular subject knowledge.
All universities listed below are fully accredited, well funded and reputed. Most of them offer Online Master in Computer Science (M.C.S) degree which is Non-thesis for most part, but for universities you may have capstone project or Seminar. I listed out important parameters for each university. These courses can be pursued by any one on the globe who has access to internet and computer.
You can enroll for individual courses or for a degree program in each of these universities. You can take classes online at your convenience and pace. You are awarded same degree as full time students. Cost of Education given below only captures only cost for courses. Books and other peripheral charges are not included. These fees are approximate and are only valid for current academic year. They are subject to change.
Missouri State University -GRE required** – 3yrs it exp – Cost of Education – 14k appro.
Students with a bachelors degree who do not meet the other admission requirements, but who would otherwise be excellent candidates for the program will be considered for special admission on a case-by-case basis.
Jacksonville State University – GRE required – Cost of Education -7k
**Capstone project/Studio component for two semesters
Columbus State University – GRE required – Cost of Education – 5K
Two pre 2 required -Minimum under grad GPA -2.75
Kansas State University – GRE Not required – Cost of Education – 17K
Capstone project required
Tarleton State University – Cost of Education – 9k – GRE required-
Comprehensive exam required
Mississippi State University – Cost of Education – 12k – GRE required
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC) Online Non thesis M.C.S degree – Cost of education – $35K – GRE Not required
Carnegie Mellon University – Software Engineering Degree for Working professionals carnegie mellon – Cost of Education – $65K – GRE required
Colorado State UniversityOnline Non-thesis M.C.S degree – Cost of Education – $19k – GRE Not required
Harvard Distance Learning Extension school
University of Idaho – GRE required – Cost of Education – 19k
Auburn University – $19k- GRE required
University of Minnesota – Online M.C.S Terminal Degree – Cost of Education – 31k – NO GRE required.
Pennsylvania State World CampusMaster of Professional Studies in Information Sciences Degree – Cost of Education – $27k – GRE waived for 5+ work experience
University of IL at Springfield (UIS) -GRE required – Cost of Education – 8k
Dakota state university – 8k GRE required
uch as student maturity, references, or special expertise) also may be used to determine admission to the program.
Is it possible to convert online course to full time if we would like to
Is spring/fall enrollment is mandatory? So,Maximum time period if i go with one course per fall/spring sem so, it’ll maximum 5 yrs.