Sample Letter of Recommendation for software engineer from supervisor

By | October 5, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

It is a distinct pleasure to recommend to you one of the senior software engineers in my team XXX. In my capacity as Technical Lead responsible for Commercial Application Development at XXX, I have worked closely with XXX for one year (2008-09).

XXX is an outstanding consultant who continuously exceeds the expectations set for his position. XXX willingly accepts challenging assignments and offers to contribute where ever he can. XXX has demonstrated excellent programming and analytical skills which are very essential to address the constantly evolving client’s business requirements. The best thing I noticed in him is his insatiable zeal to learn latest technical skills, technology stacks and tools and offer better solutions.

This reminds me of a recent challenging time we faced recently and how XXX active contribution helped us to emerge out successfully. The client purchased a third party proprietary Content Management solution (CMS) intended to serve customers with a superior service. From solution implementation perspective, our team lacks expertise in that particular CMS solution and has few design interface limitations integrating with our proprietary application framework. I was looking for a right design pattern for a seam less integration between these two tightly coupled systems. Honestly speaking, I was thinking more heavily on traditional lines. There is nothing we can do to change vendor prepackaged software to achieve much need integration. Only option left for us is to extend our proprietary framework which is something we can do for desired compatibility with vendor software. I know this option is really expensive in terms of resources and time. But, on the other hand, XXX has a whole different approach on this critical issue. He approached me with a great idea of creating a middle-ware component acting as a broker and manages the data communication effectively negating all initial interfacing issues. He even backed up his concept with a working demo project. Frankly, his idea really saved us a lot of time and resources.
XXX has a clear standing of the software engineering principles and his ability to apply them to solve problems reflects his excellent analytical abilities. His desire to share his knowledge with his peers, clarity in communicating his ideas and ability to systematically deal with a problem at hand make him suitable for team work. He was a developer with least number of defects/coding hour in our team.

His decision to pursue part-time master degree from your esteemed university is welcoming. His persevering nature, well-balanced personality and eagerness to excel make him an apt candidate for research and advanced studies. He will undoubtedly utilize this opportunity to expand his horizons and positions himself up for better opportunities in his career.

October 1, 2009