Sample Statement of Purpose for software engineers applying for Graduate school admissions

By | October 5, 2009



Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the

first four sharpening the axe Abraham Lincoln

This quote has always been inspiring in my life. I believe learning is not confined to childhood or the class room but takes places through out life and in range of situations. As such, Education not only enhances social inclusion, personal development, but also competitiveness and employability. I began my relationship to Computer science and Engineering in XXX when I enrolled for 3 years Full time Diploma course in Computer Engineering at XXX, a premier institution in the state. As a part of my diploma course curriculum, I had been exposed to study of courses like ‘C’, ‘C++’, Data Structures, Computer Organization, Microprocessors, Computer Networks and Computer Graphics. These courses provided me with the stimulating academic background and motivation to pursue Bachelor’s degree in COMPUTER SCIENCE. In consonance with my interest, I obtained admission at XXX, one of premier Institutions for Higher learning.

The assiduously prepared curriculum at XXX, with its time tested courses has enabled me to consolidate the knowledge I gained in diploma and learn advanced subjects like Theory of Computation, Artificial Intelligence, Algorithm Design and Analysis, File Structures and UNIX Network programming. All the software skills I have acquired through my under graduation days have finally culminated in final year project developed for a local public utility company. As a part of my college curriculum I presented a technical paper at a National Symposium ‘xxx’ which was widely appreciated and was also exposed to various social activities such as conducting Blood donation camps and health awareness programs.

After finishing my Bachelors in Computer science in XX, I took up a job as an entry level software engineer at XXX., a leading strategic IT services company in XX. It is at XXX, I was formally introduced to challenging task of software design and development. An intensive three months of initial training at XXX provided me with a solid foundation in vendor technologies like Microsoft .Net, Oracle and Crystal Reports, software engineering principles (SDLC), business process management and software development methodologies like waterfall model, scrum and agile process. I regarded each topic in the broad range of material covered in training as intrinsically interesting as well as essential to my work in software development. As a way to refine my technical skills, I continued to pursue certifications in Microsoft.Net Technologies like MCAD, MCTS, and MCPD relating to my work in .Net application development till today.

Working at XXX has given me a chance to apply my academic skills to apply them to solve real world problems. I developed mentor skills and frequently assisted co-workers who had little or no background in computers. I also volunteered in conducting trainings for juniors and colleagues in web technologies and programming languages. I invested myself in learning advanced concepts like software design patterns, architectural patterns, programming languages like C#.Net, Java and advanced technologies like SOA based Web services, XML programming and Component object Model (COM) development. I was awarded XXX award for exceptional work at XXX. I successfully completed challenging assignments and provided immense business value by providing well designed solutions.

At one time, I was given opportunity to work on systems dealing with digital asset management and content management. These systems allow document collaboration, managed access, workflow capabilities and versioning. I participated in the customization and integration of Documentum EDMS solution with our .Net based Enterprise web system. This solution provided client significant savings. Working on this project had undoubtedly spiked up my interest levels in EDMS systems.

To fulfill my passion for EDMS technology, I sought work as a XXX DEVELOPER. I took a position with XXX INC., an IT services company specializing in providing custom tailored EDMS solutions. I worked as a developer on one of their product offerings called XXX a unified content management solution. It provides efficient information collaboration and offers unified interface for information exchange between disparate CMS & CRM applications. I was involved in design, development and maintenance of XXX solution. As I became fluent in the details of operations, I was able to free much of my time to work on large projects requiring careful planning and design. I had considerable freedom to pursue different kinds of projects ranging from web content management, content classification and product customizations. While my position at XXX presented me with many technical opportunities and intellectual challenges, I understood that there was an absolute ceiling on the complexity of available work; the mission of the company was not technical and could not support an intensely technical program. As I exhausted interesting, technical opportunities within the company, I decided to find a position in an engineering, scientific or academic computing environment, an environment where technology would be central to the mission of the organization.

I accepted a position as a PROGRAMMER ANALYST at XXX where my duties included executing enterprise projects for clients in an object-oriented development environment. I rose to the level of Team Lead for the XXX, a .Net implementation of a mortgage processing tool to be used by Mortgage Advisors for fulfilling mortgage loans. Since the goal of the project was the construction of a software system intended for use with in Mortgage community and anticipated to be large and complex, methodical development was absolutely essential to the successful completion of the project; the project demanded attention issues of knowledge capture and the development process itself, so development for the project differed from all development that I had done before. In response to these new concerns about organization, I began to study software engineering and techniques for managing and controlling complexity in the development of large systems.

By necessity as my professional responsibilities have changed or for personal interest, I have turned my attention to the study of various areas of computer science. I have discovered academic interests in areas ranging from database systems, software engineering, compilers, distributed systems and advanced computing. Formal training in computer science at under graduate level equipped me with some of the sensibilities and sensitivities necessary to independent, academic inquiry into computer science: an appreciation of rigor, a sense of organization, and an inclination to methodically approach problems. Self-study was adequate to the task of preparing to effectively treat the problems that I encountered in the past, but I have reached the point in my professional development and individual study where a master degree in computer science is required for my continued growth in the field. I hope to continue to mature academically in computer science so that I can approach new problems in a capable manner and as part of my continued development; I look forward to the opportunity to study computer science at XXX.

A detailed study of your XXX degree catalogue and program details on your web site and other sources has assured me that your institution offers flexible schedule and at the same time a well balanced curriculum suited for the working professionals planning to pursue XXX degree. An eminent faculty, affordable program and equivalent degree as offered to full time students, all these factors I feel make the XXX the right place to embark upon a new learning path.

Thank you