List of Professional Certification Programs Available for software developers, IT professionals, Architects, Managers and Business Analysts

By | October 9, 2009

Certifications demonstrate your mastery, competencies, expertise and over all performance over a particular technology or a industry.  Industry Certified professionals are always sought over considering their command over best practices and industry standards. I personally reaped the benefits of being certified in vendor technologies related to my job. It helped me to become more productive and perform my job duties more efficiently.

I gathered list of professional organizations offering certification programs to folks involved in their respective domains. This list excludes general well known vendor certifications offered by Microsoft, Java and Oracle, etc. I’ll talk about those certifications in another post.

IEEE Computer Society Certification Program:

IEEE Computer society is one of premier professional bodies for IT professionals. IEEE Computer society offers two certification programs for Developers and IT professionals.

CSDA program is intended for entry level software engineers seeking industry certification. CSDA is first step   towards becoming a Certified Software Development Professional (CSDP).

Eligibility requirements for CSDA program:

  • Recent software or computer engineering graduates
  • Under-graduates who are in their final year of a bachelor’s degree program in software or computer engineering
  • Non-degree professionals with more than 2 years of programming experience

CSDP program is intended for experienced software engineering professionals.

If you are a Senior Member of IEEE or a Licensed Software Engineer, no further qualifications are necessary.  All other candidates are required to meet both Education and Experience requirements to be qualified for the examination as outlined below.
Education: (need at least one)

  • You have a bachelor’s degree
  • You are a CSDA certificate holder
  • You are an educator at the post-baccalaureate level
  • You are a full member of the IEEE

Experience: (need at least one)

  • You have an advanced degree in software engineering and at least two years (about 3,500 hrs) of experience in software engineering/development
  • You have at least four years (about 7,000 hrs) experience in software engineering/development

For more information regarding examination fees, preparation materials and examination dates, please visit IEEE Computer Society website.

American Society of Transportation and Logistics Certification Program

American Society of Transportation and Logistics (ASTL) is a professional body offering certification programs for Transportation and Logistics domain.  If you’re involved in Transportation and Logistics management providing technology solutions/ directly involved in business of Supply Chain Management (SCM), ASTL certifications can help consolidate your knowledge and recognizable in Transportation industry.

Certification Programs you may be interested in:

To qualify for CTL exam, individual must be an active member of ASTL society  and have an four year undergraduate degree or three years of professional experience. To gain certification, 4 mandatory subjects and 2 electives from a pool of 4 subjects have to be cleared.

PLS exam on the other hand, is intended for more experienced professionals.

For more details, please visit American Society of Transportation and Logistics (ASTL) website.

LOMA Certification Program:

LOMA is a professional organization offering industry standard certification programs related to Insurance, healthcare and Financial services domain. LOMA offers various educational and certification programs like

FLMI – Fellow, Life Management Institute program is a 10-course university level professional development program that provides a comprehensive business education in the context of insurance and financial services industry.

CPLHI – Certified Professional, Life and Health Insurance program is a 10-course university level professional development program that provides a comprehensive business education in the context of  Life and Health Insurance program.

There are various other certification programs offered by LOMA organization like:
CPFS : Certified Professional in Financial Services Program
PCS – Professional Customer Service Program
ALMI – Associate,Life Management Institute 
FFSI – Fellow, Financial Service Institute
AFSI-Associate, Financial Service Institute

For complete details, please visit LOMA website.

PayPal Certified Developer Program

Developers proficient in ECommerce application development can standardize their PayPal integration skills by taking PayPal certification exam.  This exam can help you achieve industry recognition for your PayPal development skills.All you need to do is pass an online exam that tests your knowledge of PayPal. Benefits of being certified is instant credibility with merchants looking for integration help and listing in the PayPal Certified Developer directory which merchants use to find skilled developers.

Total cost of PayPal certification is around $300.

For more information, please visit PayPal website.

The Open Group Certification Program

The Open Group is a vendor and technology agnostic consortium consisting of 300 member organizations  with activities in 19 countries striving for integrated information flow based on open standards and interoperability.

Open Group offers two certification programs

These program are developed by The Open Group along with platinum members including Cap Gemini, HSBC, IBM, NEC, EDS and SAP.

IT Architect certification is first independent, comprehensive IT Certification program. The program defines global standards for measuring the skills and experience of IT architects, and for the operation of IT architecture practices with in enterprises. ITAC offers three levels of Certification depending on the length and characteristics of IT architect’s experience.

  • Level  1: Certified IT Architect – able to perform with assistance/supervision
  • Level  2: Master Certified IT Architect – able to perform independently and take responsibility
  • Level  3: Distinguished Certified IT Architect – Chief/Lead Architect, Enterprise Architect

You can achieve IT Architect certification via two different routes. 1) Direct Certification 2) Accredited Certification Program (ACP’s). For ACP, you must be a employee of Accredited organization.

IT Specialist Certification Program (ITSC):

ITSC certification program is designed for the professionals who are responsible for development, implementation and operation of IT solutions. ITSC program offers two levels of certification based on characteristics, technical focus of IT specialist experience.

  • Level 1: Certified IT Specialist – able to perform as a contributing Specialist with little supervision
  • Level 2: Master IT Specialist – able to perform independently and act as Lead.
You can achieve IT Specialist certification via two different routes. 1) Direct Certification 2) Accredited Certification Program (ACP’s). For ACP, you must be a employee of Accredited organization.

For more information, please visit The Open Group website.

There are other programs like Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exams and PMP certification program.

CFA exams are offered by CFA Institute and well suited for individuals already working or those planning to choose Financial services and investments as their career. You can achieve CFA designation after passing three rigorous exams.

For more information, please visit CFA Institute website.

There’s also PMP certification program available for Software Project Managers with verifiable experience in software project management.  I don’t have much information about this program except that I know this program is expensive unless your employer sponsors you. Google “PMP”. You’ll hit the official webite of organization administering PMP exam.

I hope you liked the information I gathered!!