Installation Guide for Load Test Rig setup (Load Agent Controller) for Visual Studio Team System 2008 (VSTS)

By | October 22, 2009
This document details the steps involved in setting up the Load Agent test controller for Visual Studio Team System 2008 (VSTS) which is used to coordinate the execution of multiple test agents running tests on multiple computers. A Load Test Rig set up involves a single central test controller with one or more test agents running remotely.
For the set up to be successful, the following pre-requisite is a must.
  • User running the set up must be the Administrator on the computers where the set up is going to take place.
  • All the systems in the rig should reside in the same domain.
  • All Agent user accounts should be part of Administrators group in the Controller machine.
The order of setting up the Load Test rig will be as follows.
  • Set up Controller
  • Set up Agent
Setting up the Controller
Step 1: Click on the “Install Team Test Load Agent Controller” link once the set up is triggered.
Step 2: Once the link is selected, set up prompts the user to continue setting up the controller. Click Next.
Step 3: Click Next accepting the terms and conditions.
Step 4: Select the path to install the controller and Click Next.
Step 5: Enter the Account Name and the Password of the User who is going to administer the Controller in the format “domainuser” or “user@domain”
Click Next.
Step 6: On successful entry of administrative account name and password, the set up will be ready to install the controller on the machine.
Click on Install to continue set up.
Step 7: Once install is selected, the installation of controller starts.
Step 8: Click Finish to complete installation of Controller.
Steps to check whether Controller is installed successfully
Once the Controller set up is installed successfully, follow the below steps to ensure the controller settings are proper.
Step 1: Open Computer Management console (Right click on My Computer and select Manage”) and check to see the following accounts are created.
  1. TeamTestControllerAdmins
  2. TeamTestControllerUsers
  3. TeamTestAgentService
Step 2: Ensure that LoadTest database is successfully created in SQL Studio Management Express.
NOTE: If controller machine is not installed with SQL Express prior to running the set up, the set up installs the same.
Step 3: Check to see if the controller user (administrator) is added to TeamTestControllerAdmins group.
Step 4: Check to see if Visual Studio Team Test Controller
Steps to Set up Agent
Pre-requisite: Make sure to add all the agents in the rig to TeamTestControllerUsers group under Computer Management à Groups.
For E.g., user imagingagent1 is a agent computer participating the rig and hence is part of TeamTestControllerUsers group.
NOTE: Before starting the installation of Team Test Load Agent on agent computers, ensure that all Agent user accounts are part of Administrators group in the Controller machine.
Steps to check whether Agent is installed successfully
Once the agent installation is completed on all the agent computers
Once agent is successfully installed on Agent computer, check to see the “TeamTestAgentService” group in Controller machine. Agent user account should be automatically added to this group.