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WCF errors: No set method for property on Type ‘xx’

I was surprised when i first saw this error. This usually happens when you try to publish DataContract on WCF service containing Read only properties. I don’t know why exactly this error occurs? As many people are concerned, workaround for this problem looks very obvious. Add Setter to the property in question.  But, this moveā€¦ Read More »

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WCF errors: WCF service has zero application (non-infrastructure) endpoints.This might be because no configuration file was found on your application, or because no service element matching the service name is found in the configuration file, or because no endpoints were defined in the service element.

This WCF error always pops on my computer when ever i’m creating brand new WCF service.  Bluntly, we can understand from error that we haven’t configured the service properly. Of course, there can be multiple causes. Handy tool which can help during this crisis šŸ™‚ is “WCF Service Configuration Editor”. You can open WCF Serviceā€¦ Read More »

WCF errors: Type ‘xxx’ is an invalid collection type since it has DataContractAttribute attribute.

If you have ever happen to get “Type xxx is an invalid collection type since it has DataContract Attribute attribute” error at any time when ever publishing WCF service, Make sure you annotate your custom collections with CollectionDataContract attribute instead of DataContract attribute. This attribute will appropriate serialize and deserialize collection.CollectionDataContract attribute is typically utilizedā€¦ Read More »

Unity Framework v1.2 – IoC Dependency Injection

Following is the power point presentation related to IoC and Dependency Injection (DI) pattern. This presentation specifically focuses on Unity Framework v1.2 based IoC container. Integration WCF service with IoC container provides finer control over WCF instance management. Unity Framework v1.2 – IoC Dependency Injection View more presentations from guest003bf.