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Custom Model Validation Provider for enabling ASP.NET MVC 3 client side validation.

Implementing Custom Model Validation Provider to enable client side MVC 3 validation The Validation framework of ASP.NET MVC 3 is designed for extensibility and customization.  It supports validation model using attributes, or by implementing IValidatableObject or unobtrusive javascript based client side validation. It supports both property based or model based validation.But, again ASP.Net MVC 3 assumes… Read More »

Generic TryParse handler for generic .Net Lists

10 Practical ASP.Net MVC 4 Interview Questions

10  Practical ASP.Net MVC 4 Interview Questions: 1)  Do you think following is valid route definition for ASP.NET MVC solution? Answer: YES. Variable length routes are valid. This route will match any URL, irrespective of number of placeholders it contains. _________________________________________________________________________________ 2)  Is the following route definition a valid one? If so please explain?  Answer:… Read More »

Automated web application testing using Selenium

ASP.Net Web Application Integration testing using Selenium 2.0 Selenium primarily used for automating web applications for testing purposes. You can create browser based regression tests using Selenium WebDriver.  Selenium WebDriver provides a concise programming interface. It drives the browser much more effectively. Selenium WebDriver makes direct calls to browser using each browser’s native support for… Read More »