EF Core Power tools

By | November 17, 2017

Prior Incarnations of Entity Frameworks like EF 6, large section of developers enjoyed their Entity Framework Designer tools. However, puritans won. Code first approach, POCO classes took over the EF landscape. Well, POCO approach is well and good. But, EDMX approach a.k.a designer approach was engaging and a good starting point for novice programmers.

Well, I’m not gonna get into that merits and demerits discussion. The point of this post is to showcase an excellent extension from market place which attempts to restore glory of Designer approach to a large extent. This VS extension gives you those sloppy programmers one more chance to engage with EF in their own way 🙂

Lots of Entity Framework design time features are made available by this extension.  You can for example,

Reverse Engineer – Generate POCO classes, derive DbContext from an existing database which is a life saver for me. In a real world enterprises, databases are managed differently and handled in a more restrictive settings. This feature comes handy in those situations.

There are bunch of other features as shown below – generating designer mimicking entity graph, Check it out at EF Core Power Tools

EF Power tools VSIX extension

Channel 9:


Great thanks to Eric for coming up with a nifty extension for Entity Framework.

For more info,  https://github.com/ErikEJ/SqlCeToolbox/wiki/EF-Core-Power-Tools