.Net Performance books and courses

By | January 25, 2018

.NET is a solid framework and widely popular stack to build web applications and build highly scalable and robust code. Be it C#, .Net Core, ASP.Net MVC all of them are prevalent technologies used by developer community around the world.

.NET Performance can’t be missed. Every .NET application ever built has to cater to performance aspect. Every developer has to write his code with performance factor in mind. There are mission critical applications where performance is everything. Everything millisecond shaved off counts. Undoubtedly, better user experience is built on foundations of better code performance.

Understanding internals of underlying stack or framework like .NET is critical for any programmer. It immensely helps in writing better code.

So, where do we look for improving performance of your code esp. .NET code. There are tons of literature, books and articles to start your journey. To help you in that journey, we would like to share with you a treasure trove of wealth related to .NET performance.

Thanks to Alexander Nikitin for curating whole bunch of materials (books, articles, videos and lot of valuable material) to get up to speed with understanding .NET Performance. This article series is complete.

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