Stack Overflow Developer 2019 Survey

By | April 27, 2019

Much awaited highly popular Stack Overflow Q & A site has released comprehensive developer survey about what coders around the world think about programming languages, stacks and tools. Wow, 90K developers took the survey earlier this year.

Survey Summary:

  1. One of top programming languages is C# besides Python and Java
  2. TypeScript grew rapidly to become Top 3 most loved language
  3. Python is the most wanted language for the third year in a row
  4. Yey, ASP.Net is in Top 5 category of Most Loved Web Frameworks besides React.js
  5. Proud to see .NET Core being #1 in the category of Most Loved Other Frameworks, Libraries and Tools.
  6. Redis is the most loved database. SQL Server is #7 with 57.5% vote
  7. No wonder, Linux is the most loved platform for development with Docker and Kubernetes also gaining lot of traction in the community
  8. Yea, baby Visual Studio Code has become top choice among coders in category of Development Environments
  9. One important insight though, Container technology (Docker) yet to catch up with community – Lot of respondents said they’re not using container technology in their production
  10. AWS maintains comfortable lead over Microsoft Azure in cloud platforms category