macOS Developer Tools Setup Guide

By | April 29, 2019

Though, I’m a windows guy at work. Most of my clients run their systems on windows platform. However, I own Mac for my personal needs and for hobby projects. For a guy from windows background, working through Mac is a difficult experience particularly, if you’re planning to set up development environment to write some sophisticated code and/or build mac/linux applications. I had to struggle initially to turn things on my Mac book.

You’ll be clueless about Mac environment, tooling and libraries. No clue unless you hang out with seasoned Java/Ruby/Rust developers who can share some tips your way which dramatically your productivity. For instance, I was stuck with Apple’s built-in terminal window for much of time until, I came across iTerm2 terminal after watching some of my peers using it. iTerm2 made complete difference. I wish I had known it prior.

But, no worries. we found a online well organized setup guide which precisely comes to rescue for new developer folks wanting to use Mac as their development machine.

This guide covers the basics of setting up a development environment on a new Mac. Whether you are an experienced programmer or not, this guide is intended for everyone to use as a reference for setting up your environment or installing languages/libraries.

This guide covers broadly all the tools, libraries and languages you may want when programming on a Mac. For a full stack developer, I believe we’ll need all tools, libraries covered in this guide.