.Net Core 3.0 Preview 5

By | May 13, 2019

Microsoft has announced .Net Core 3.0 Preview 5. However, what caught our attention is that this Preview 5, among other changes, quietly slips in a new built-in JSON serializer eliminating the need for ubiquitous Newtonsoft.Json nuget package in .Net Core apps. ASP.NET Core MVC adds support for reading and writing JSON using System.Text.Json It’s asychronous, better performing when compared with Newtonsoft.Json and is optimized for UTF-8 making it ideal for REST APIs

For now, only way to enable new JSON formatter with Preview 5 is to remove references to Newtonsoft.Json in the Startup.cs class

This preview 5 also brings new SqlClient As we all know, it is popular data providers in .NET world to access SQL Server databases. It is always shipped as part of popular System.Data.dll assembly. Nonetheless, .NET Framework and Windows OS are always shipped together for various reasons. This combination puts bottle neck to release any new key features to System.Data.dll assembly. But, .NET Core being independent of underlying OS, it is much possible to regularly ship new features in .NET Core world. And also, .NET Core is prioritized for new feature development over .NET Framework.

What it all means is, System.Data.SqlClient is refactored into Microsoft.Data.SqlClient nuget package essentially removing SqlClient from .NET Framework. You can still get new SqlClient provider in both .NET Framework and .NET Core apps by simply referencing Microsoft.Data.SqlClient nuget package

You can find complete details on Preview 5 here and release notes here