5 part video series on Entity Framework Core

By | May 3, 2020

Entity Framework Core is the recommended ORM (object to database mapper) for .NET Core platform. It provides support for LINQ queries, entity relationships, change tracking and database migrations. EF Core supports SQL Server, SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL. It is ideal choice for CRUD applications built using ASP.NET Core MVC and other .NET choices.

Well, deep EF knowledge is a much sought after skill for any seasoned .NET developer to build scalable, robust and performing applications. With out much further ado, let me share links to a starter 5 part video series on Entity Framework Core from Channel 9

Part 1: Scaffolding Northwind database

Part 2 : Change Tracking

Part 3: LINQ Queries

Part 4: Related Data and Projections

Part 5: Wrapping up CRUD

Finally, link to solution repo built in the series