Classic programming books of all times

By | May 6, 2020

For all us programmers, there are holy grail of classic programming books ever written. We hold dear one classic book Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture written by Martin Fowler. Though, technology rapidly evolves and constantly innovating and at the same time, industry is churning out countless books on programming, frameworks and patterns. But, in the deluge very few books are remembered for their simple and clear emphasis on fundamental patterns, practices which amazingly still apply for modern work place and development practices. We never got a chance or idea to publish such list of worthy programming books which ought to be on every developer’s reading list and shelves. Luckily, we stumbled upon this following excellent link which exactly puts efforts and brings together best programming books collection in one post. And, you know we couldn’t agree more with their recommendations.

Another source which suggests similar collection of top books in software engineering category is apparently using Stack Exchange questions/answers and comments to base their recommendations on collective wisdom. Check this out