Habits of a good coder

By | May 9, 2020

Like any profession, folks who make living by writing code or programming with considerable amount of experience will more or less are capable of offering some invaluable insights and good habits to other budding coders. Usually, distilled advise boils to very simple and easy to implement habits. However, catch is sticking to such simple habits on a regular basis until it becomes a second nature. This habits can apply broadly to entire world of programming community in general.

One such very general habit you’ll hear very frequently is to unit test your code. Ensure you provide enough code coverage for your code. Back your code with a reliable automated tests which can significantly increase your confidence in your code. You can change amend or extend code with full faith in your tests to catch regression errors.

Other good principles you’ll often from good developers like

  1. Don’t overengineer solutions, keep your design simple and easy
  2. Generous documentation and meaningful variable names
  3. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Reuse tested solutions and libraries
  4. Code rots, refactor regularly,

Well, Check out the following links articulating such good habits/principles in a much thoughtful way than us. Every developer ought to know and follow this good principles in order to become a better developer producing better code.