Software development laws and principles

By | May 13, 2020

We’ve all heard of DRY, SOLID, KISS, YAGNI acronyms spouted around in our day to day life as a software developer. You might have even some fancy ones too like Conway law, Murphy’s law and the popular one Moore’s law in your line of profession. Certainly, we all agree mostly with such succinct principles, their purpose and their application to the relevant job. But, you won’t remember them all the time and you’ll only remember few of this laws or principles which very closely resonate with your personality.

This principles carry an important benefit of being able to convey a very deep insight and a design principle which indeed is very true and original. On their own, this principles/laws have no value but they can be your guiding principles in people’s management and implementing a proper software development process. Another benefit being, knowing all this laws and principles, you can come off as an intelligent fellow in your conversations with other folks.

It’s been on our wishlist to document such meaningful laws and principles particular to our line of work i.e software development. Apparently, that wish has been granted to us. We are excited to share that repo. You’ll find ton of all the important management and software development laws & principles put together in the following github repo for reference. Check it out..