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Git cheat sheet

Another excellent Git Cheat sheet link, loads of Git resources, tutorial links, books, cool hidden Git magic. Worth checking it out tiimgreen/github-cheat-sheet tiimgreen/github-cheat-sheet github-cheat-sheet – A list of cool features of Git and GitHub. tiimgreen/github-cheat-sheet

Free ebook to learn Git fundamentals

Git is universal and become so ubiquitous in programming world. It is most popular version control software and also popular code sharing site. Understanding git fundamentals is becoming so essential for any programmer. If you never heard about git, it means you live in a cave.  Investing your time to learn a new piece of… Read More »

Big-O Algorithm Complexity cheatsheet

Big-O notation is mantra of engineer. Space and Time complexities are key indispensable piece of knowledge to measure your algorithm and understanding data structures. As a software engineer, your aptitude and problem solving skills are measured in Big-O notation.Mastering complexities is first step in becoming a successful software engineer.  There are class of algorithms and… Read More »

useful javascript code snippets

Thanks to Angelos Chalaris, for building a curated list of useful Javascript snippets, easy to understand and can be integrated into my favorite editor VS Code. Javascript snippets are ES6 based. My personal favorite are snippets deals with String type. Amazing collection of code snippets. Excellent work. Check it out Chalarangelo/30-seconds-of-code Chalarangelo/30-seconds-of-code 30-seconds-of-code – Curated… Read More »

Docker commands cheat sheet

Welcome to world of Docker. Docker is such a blessing for DevOps folks and processes. We still remember days when world is amazed by virtual machines. Oh, I can spin off multiple virtual OSes running on host windows. Virtual machines indeed solved some of the problems. However, they’re clunky, heavy in size. Docker took us… Read More »

Popular Outlook keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet

We’re a big fan of Office 365 Outlook or for that matter, MS office suite. World comes to a stand still moment MS Office disappears from planet earth. This is true no exaggeration. Business world runs on Excel, Word and Outlook. Outlook is still one of the leaders for emailing in the corporate world. Knowing… Read More »

Nicely curated keyboard shortcut cheat sheet for Visual Studio 2017

  Useful key board shortcuts cheatsheet for visual studio 2017 published by Microsoft. Neatly captures most heavily used productivity improving keyboard shortcuts. Provides side by side keyboard shortcuts for Resharper, Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio 2015 Click here to download pdf cheat sheet