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Left outer join in C# Linq query

Left joins are such a common occurrence in data access programs. There is no direct LINQ operator or syntax mapped for left joins. However, there is an extension method DefaultIfEmpty() which can be employed to perform a left outer join using LINQ syntax. DefaultIfEmpty basically returns a single element sequence with associated type’s default value… Read More »

LINQ to SQL Data context class features and properties

LINQ-to-SQL is a new programming model for data access layer in managed .net environment. you may also consider it as another ORM tool if you want to.LINQ-to-SQL is a LINQ-based framework that allows users to query database using object model build using designer tools available in visual studio 2008 or using command line tool called… Read More »

Visual studio 2008

I downloaded express C# edition of Visual studio 2008. I’m fascinated with LINQ new query language extensions which consolidates concepts of functional programming. LINQ brings in new concise style of writing queries which works with any data source not just Relational stuff. You have all standard query operators defined for LINQ that operate with compatible… Read More »