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ASP.Net Core In-memory cache manager code sample

Caching can significantly improve performance and scalability of an app by making a copy of generated content thereby having to avoid expensive round trips or processing power to generate content. Caching suits best for the data which rarely changes. Caching is a key component of any enterprise distributed applications across the globe for providing optimal… Read More »

EF Core 2.0 improvements – LIKE Operator, Query filters

Entity Framework (EF) Core 2.0 comes with some cool nifty features. Improved LINQ translation to optimized SQL queries,  long pending feature request for LIKE LINQ operator is finally fulfilled. Other interesting feature is setting up Global Query filters which essentially allow you to set up global WHERE function at DbContext level and C# string interpolation… Read More »

.Net Core Web Api CRUD Controller unit testing code sample

Unit testing in .Net Core has been made simple. It has been designed with testability in mind. TDD approach has paid rich dividends for the developers who follow them religiously. Unit tests gives you the confidence and faith in your code, catches errors early in the cycle and overall, improves productivity levels across the team.… Read More »

Code sample for .Net Core Web Api Controller Integration Tests

Integration testing ensures the different parts of an application work correctly together. Unlike unit testing, integration tests frequently involve application dependencies such as database. To get set up integration tests in .Net Core, you’ll need a test project, add reference to your .Net Core Api project and a test runner. Magic is in the test… Read More »