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.Net Core reference real world applications built using Containers and Microservices Architecture

It’s always delightful to get see best practices and design patterns implemented in a reference application using best of breed tools, frame works and technologies. This reference applications specifically provides guidance on .Net architecture and demonstrates how to build scalable and high performing .Net applications running on Azure cloud using recommended .Net tools, libraries and… Read More »

DevOps for ASP.NET Developers Video Series

Sometimes, you’ll hit this kind of treasure trove – Soup to nuts video series on DevOps which starts with exploring fundamental concepts of DevOps and best practices, then focusing a good deal on related DevOps components like “source control”, “project work tracking”, “continuous integration” and finally ends with “software testing”. All these concepts are fully… Read More »

Free ebook on building .Net Core with Azure DevOps

DevOps is a critical component of any serious enterprise application development life cycle. DevOps ecosystem has grown dramatically in the recent years with lot of CI/CD systems are in market like Travis, Jenkins, TeamCity, Azure DevOps, AppVeyor. With the introduction of .Net Core and command-line interface (CLI) has further accelerated a more standards based DevOps… Read More »

Welcome to .Net CLI tools

.Net Core has made CLI (command-line interface), a first class citizen of .Net eco system. CLI has made .NET build process more streamlined and well integrated into various CI/CD tools. CLI provides solid foundation for building container applications using Docker and creating NuGet package super easier. .Net Core SDK esp. 2.x comes with bunch of… Read More »

EF Core 2.0 improvements – LIKE Operator, Query filters

Entity Framework (EF) Core 2.0 comes with some cool nifty features. Improved LINQ translation to optimized SQL queries,  long pending feature request for LIKE LINQ operator is finally fulfilled. Other interesting feature is setting up Global Query filters which essentially allow you to set up global WHERE function at DbContext level and C# string interpolation… Read More »

Code sample for .Net Core Web Api Controller Integration Tests

Integration testing ensures the different parts of an application work correctly together. Unlike unit testing, integration tests frequently involve application dependencies such as database. To get set up integration tests in .Net Core, you’ll need a test project, add reference to your .Net Core Api project and a test runner. Magic is in the test… Read More »