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C# HttpClient utility class for calling Web API

Folks writing C# code for consuming resources from external apis or mostly http systems typically use bunch of networking classes. Especially, there are WebClient, HttpClient HttpWebRequest     These classes, however, there is a good dose of confusion around their usage, when to use and their good and bad parts. We’re not going to get into that… Read More »

Troubleshooting checklist for http errors 403.14 or 404 not found for mvc web app on IIS 7.5

If you ever ran into deploying mvc app onto IIS 7.5 running on pristine new dev boxes and encounter http errors as indicated in the title, follow this checklist to troubleshoot. First and foremost, check if right version of ASP.Net is installed and registered with IIS. To verify that, aspnet_iis.exe tool is your friend.… Read More »

Left outer join in C# Linq query

Left joins are such a common occurrence in data access programs. There is no direct LINQ operator or syntax mapped for left joins. However, there is an extension method DefaultIfEmpty() which can be employed to perform a left outer join using LINQ syntax. DefaultIfEmpty basically returns a single element sequence with associated type’s default value… Read More »

XML Programming using .Net Framework 2.0/3.5

Enhanced XML classes in .Net Framework 2.0/3.5 Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a meta-markup language that provides a format for describing structured data. XML is the universal language for data exchange on the Web. XML gives developers the power to deliver structured data from a wide variety of applications to the desktop for local computation… Read More »

ASP.Net/SQL Server/.Net Framework Interview questions

Following are .Net Framework/ASP.Net/SQL Server questions which tests your mettle in these technologies. I quickly gathered these questions from different sources. Probably, i guess I should provide answers to these questions. I’ll do that in my next post. Where are the value types contained inside a reference type stored? Say for example if there is… Read More »