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Intro to C# LINQ video series

Language Integrated Query feature is one of most popular C# language feature. LINQ embeds querying capabilities into C# language. LINQ offers expressiveness, static type checking and support for multiple data sources. Every C# programmer knows it and loves it to the core. LINQ offers ton of methods, extensions and options. Sometimes, it may feel LINQ… Read More »

IoT development with .NET Core video series

Internet of things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices with the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human interaction. Billions of physical devices around the world are now connected to internet starting from a light bulb, a smart thermostat and other smart devices. It is imperative that IoT devices are… Read More »

ASP.Net Core SignalR video tutorial

Microsoft answer to real time functionality in web applications is SignalR. Gone are the days of constant polling for updates, instead server side pushes notifications when things are ready to connected clients. If your application is in need to providing real time updates to users in response to their actions, you should look at ASP.NET… Read More »

5 part video series on Entity Framework Core

Entity Framework Core is the recommended ORM (object to database mapper) for .NET Core platform. It provides support for LINQ queries, entity relationships, change tracking and database migrations. EF Core supports SQL Server, SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL. It is ideal choice for CRUD applications built using ASP.NET Core MVC and other .NET choices. Well, deep… Read More »

PerfView Tutorial

Any well-versed developer dabbled in building .Net applications, for sure they must have at least heard of PerfView or used PerfView in their quest to improve the performance and/or troubleshoot application performance issues. PerfView is a windows based free performance profiling tool used to gather and isolate CPU and memory related data & issues associated… Read More »

DevOps for ASP.NET Developers Video Series

Sometimes, you’ll hit this kind of treasure trove – Soup to nuts video series on DevOps which starts with exploring fundamental concepts of DevOps and best practices, then focusing a good deal on related DevOps components like “source control”, “project work tracking”, “continuous integration” and finally ends with “software testing”. All these concepts are fully… Read More »