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Storing Images and large documents in SQL Server 2005 Database Using ASP.Net

Storing Images(Binary data) using ASP.NET 2.0: As a developer, you might face few requirements where you want to upload large documents, PDF’s and images from your application. Then how do you manage and store such large data? Usually, traditional approach was to store those large files on web server’s file system. But you also have… Read More »

ASP.Net/SQL Server/.Net Framework Interview questions

Following are .Net Framework/ASP.Net/SQL Server questions which tests your mettle in these technologies. I quickly gathered these questions from different sources. Probably, i guess I should provide answers to these questions. I’ll do that in my next post. Where are the value types contained inside a reference type stored? Say for example if there is… Read More »

Changing Authentication mode in SQL Server 2005

SQL Server authentication mode is usually configured during SQL Server installation. By default, Windows Authentication mode is configured. Ok, What if we want to override the mode configured during installation. As you may know, SQL Server 2000/2005 supports three authentication modes: 1) Windows Authentication Mode2) SQL Authentication Mode3) Mixed Mode Authentication (SQL/Windows) Here’re following steps… Read More »