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ASP.Net Web sites Load Testing using Visual Studio Team system(VSTS)

This document demonstrates how to create a load test using Visual Studio Team System to simulate workload against web applications and analyze the performance metrics from the resultant load test. Note 1: Load Tests should be executed ONLY in VSTS 2008. The reason being dynamic parameters are not properly handled in VSTS 2005 which might… Read More »

Java script debugging support in Visual Studio 2008

JavaScript debugging in Visual studio 2008:Every one of us is well aware of problems posed when debugging client side script code. This article talks about various new techniques and troubleshooting tips that help debug client side script code efficiently in Visual studio 2008. Client side script code means that it can be VB Script or… Read More »

Useful Visual Studio 2008 keyboard shortcuts

Guys, Do you regularly or occasionally use keyboard shortcuts while writing programs esp. when formatting, invoking menu options, invoking different windows and explorers in Visual Studio. If you say yes, then I can say definitely you’re a productive guy. If you rarely use keyboard shortcuts, then I can say your productivity suffers!! Time to wake… Read More »