Favorite programming books every developer should read them once in their life time

I’m a fan of coding blocks pod casts. It’s a tech guy version of podcast banter you can hear while commuting or while in car driving. These guys rock!! Coding Blocks put a wonderful post called What’s your favorite programming book? These folks have best captured list of best programming books every dev should have… Read More »

Bootstrap 4 Announced

For those developers fans of bootstrap CSS framework or in general, interested in bootstrap, Bootstrap 4 has finally arrived. Check it out Bootstrap 4 Bootstrap 4 The most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework in the world. Source: blog.getbootstrap.com/2018/01/18/bootstrap-4/

2017 JavaScript Rising Stars

We have to admit Javascript Framework landscape is full of action, huge and ever expanding. One downside though, average life span of a new shiny Javascript framework is awefully less compared to battle tested server side frameworks like ASP.NET, JAVA or others.  The article below has did a tremendous job talking about 2017 Javascript rock… Read More »

Free to download Concise Programming books for Angular2, .NetFramework, Bash and Algorithms

Highly recommended, Concise programming books (notes) with hints and tricks, free to download – Includes .Net Framework, Angular2, Bash, Algorithms. GoalKicker.com – Free Programming Books GoalKicker.com – Free Programming Books Source: goalkicker.com

Enable swagger documentation for .Net Core Web API

Swagger is useful for dynamically generating elegant documentation from a compliant .Net Core Web Restful API services. It discovers methods available on API and allows you to quickly test your micro services using a help page with out much fuss. For a .Net Core 2.0 Web API, adding swagger involving referencing nugets packages and few… Read More »

ASP.Net Core Web API Bearer Token validation with a third party federated identity provider code sample

Federated Identity is a single sign-on (SSO) service that allows users to gain access to corporate resources at enterprise level with same set of credentials. Federated Identity system implements an authentication mechanism managed by external identity provider. This can minimize administrative overhead and improve the user experience. Federated Identity has the advantage that management of… Read More »

4. C# tip – Always return Task or Task <T> for Async methods

C# offers two key words Async and await to provide simplified asynchronous programming model in .net framework to easily write asynchronous code using concise syntax. It is based on Task based asynchronous pattern. The core of async programming are Task and Task<T> objects, which model asynchronous operations. We can pattern Task based asynchronous code mostly for following two use… Read More »

3. C# tip – Named tuples (C# 7 feature)

C# methods usually a single object or value. To return multiple values, we usually resort to creating a class or use struct to carry multiple elements. Unfortunately, it’s more work to create and maintain those classes which simply exist to return multiple values with no value addition in domain model and obscure class design principles.… Read More »

2. C# tip – Useful ASP.Net classes,utilities providing HTTP request context (Url info)

ASP.Net developers are all too familiar with System.Web namespace. This assembly pretty much holds all of ASP.Net together. While we are interested in understanding incoming HTTP requests thrown at our website or webapp, we spent a lot of time around HttpContext or HttpRequest classes which encapsulate HTTP request raw values into typed object properties giving us… Read More »

1. C# tip – Use is operator and as operator

In C#, type casting is so common and important thing.  C# allows to cast between types in multiple ways. As shown below, simple and most common way to do casting in C# which poor programmers tend to use is direct cast which anyways, ends badly.  Direct cast indicates speculative code. Avoid such vulnerable coding at… Read More »