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Python programming Free course from google

Look no further. Learn Python from the masters and pioneers. Google offers excellent course on Python for beginners. Python is a popular programming languages widely used in scientific and academic circles. It’s gaining popularity in Silicon Valley for it’s simplicity and robustness. It’s fast. Google’s Python Class  |  Python Education  |  Google Developers Google’s Python… Read More »

Introduction to Machine learning

A great way to enter new territory of Machine Learning.  Infoq has published an excellent article series on Introduction to Machine Learning. Series Author Michael Manapat is a terrific guy in the area of machine learning. Definitely worth checking out Article Series: An Introduction to Machine Learning Article Series: An Introduction to Machine Learning In this series,… Read More »

Introduction to Node.js

Learn Node.js from the Benjamin Lin who wrote 14 books on Node.js. If you’re interested to learn Node.js or web development, you should definitely check this free beginner course on Edx Edx courses are generally free unless you want a certificate for course completion.  Edx course quality is top notch comparable to likes of Pluralsight Introduction to Node.js… Read More »